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Event Details

Date: 1st September 2009
Venue: Republic Cultural Centre (directions)
Time: 7.30pm
Theme: Metamorphosis


Kimberly Chan

Kimberly Chan is a JC1 student at Victoria Junior College. Her past days in FMPS, MGS and the British International School Shanghai saw her front many school productions - School Daze, Making the Grade, Score! and Grease. Recently in VJC, she played lead in the school musical, The Naughty Lady of Shady Lane. She has been seen on stage with local theatre companies like DramaPlus (Open Sesame) and Wild Rice (Cinderellah!)

Kimberly sings as well as she acts. An active member of her school choirs, she's sung at the School Youth Festival as well as events like IPSCAM. While living in Shanghai, she performed 2 solo vocal recitals of Musical Theatre numbers to raise funds for a local Chinese Orphanage. But the highlight of her vocal experience was singing solo segments for the National Day Parade 2008. She is currently a contestant on Singapore Idol.

Dancing shoes came on early for Kimberly – at the tender age of four. She did a combination of ballet and tap at Dance Circle Studios, and later added flamenco, hip-hop and jazz to the list. Kimberly is now doing Spanish dance at Intermediate level (Major Grades) of the Spanish Dance Institute and Advance II (Major Grades) of the Royal Academy of Dance.

Although she has a tough schedule as a JC student, Kimberly balances her studies and her passion for the performing arts. She's well on her way to being a successful all rounded performer Singapore can be proud of.

Guest Band

Fire Away, Samson!

Fire Away, Samson! is a group of five little boys. They are Coeway, Darren, Zach, Jerald and Zak, a group of alphabetical enthusiasts who do many things together. Through knitting, cross-stitching and sewing, they have acquired the skills of weaving the threads of guitars with petals of expression to create a little thing they would like to call their comforter. Others call it music. Their music is personal, their music is honest. Fire Away, Samson! writes to love, to forgive and to move on, for every seed must die before it grows. This is their music for them, from them, for you, through you.


Hwa Chong Chinese Dance

Hwa Chong Chinese Dance Society has showcased diverse dances, ranging from folk to traditional and modern Chinese Dance. This year, the Hwa Chong Chinese Dance Society attained the Gold with Honours award at the Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging and was very priviledged to be selected to participate in the SYF Dance Presentation held at the NUS University Cultural Centre.

Lindy Hop Ensemble

Established in 1997 & based at the YMCA, the Lindy Hop Ensemble is a YMCA Associate in the Arts. Lindy Hop Ensemble is the first Singapore dance group to perform at New York City, at the prestigious Lincoln Centre for Performing Arts in 2000, with the Mama Lou Parks Dancers from Harlem and the Jiving Lindy Hoppers from London. Lindy Hop Ensemble has staged a 10-day stage production at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe to rave reviews from the international media.

Hey Miles!
Often associating swing dancing with the past, we tend to forget that dance is an art form that can and should evolve. Experience this tonight as the Lindy Hop Ensemble wake you up and keep your eyes riveted with their high-speed concoction of classic Lindy Hop steps chilled with fresh contemporary moves set to original music composed by local musicians Kelvin Tan & Jeremy Sharma. Bounce along and enjoy!

Jeep is Jumpin'
Originally played by Duke Ellington back in the 1930s when dance halls were packed and television was still only available in black and white, sit up and swing along as this wonderful tune comes alive again this evening through the colourful and sometimes crazy steps of the Lindy Hop Ensemble. Watch out for their signature airborne aerial moves!

Catch the inimitable high octane energy of the Lindy Hop Ensemble on YouTube or visit us at http://www.flystep.com/.

Methodist Girls' School Dance Club

The Methodist Girls' School Dance Club was formed in 1996 with 30 members. The glittering stage was then un-chartered territory which every girl dreamed of conquering. The girls had the passion, the enthusiasm and the unfailing support of Mrs Chew Mei Ling, the teacher-in-charge; they were not afraid to take those first faltering steps towards living their dream.

It has been thirteen years, and the Methodist Girls' School Dance Club has swelled in number and blossomed to applause from all quarters. Confident sashays and stunning pirouettes, boogie-woogie, exotic cha-cha, swing, hip-hop – you name them, they have mastered the steps. Their repertoire now extends from the classical to the contemporary, from the demure to the dynamic, and they are still learning; there is no end to the beauty of this timeless art. In the Methodist Girls' School Dance Club, the novices are immediately captivated; in no time they are transformed into nimble fairies, lost in the wonder of dance.

A Hymn to Spring
The very essence of celebration and joyousness is captured through this contemporary piece. It is a dance that portrays unspeakable joy and the beginning of good tidings. The innately complex choreography by Mr Shahbirul Zaki Ahmad is displayed in the dancers' synchronized movements and dancing in unity as one dance team. It combines both technique of a high standard and the singular style of the choreographer. The execution of the moves is perfect to a T as each movement is danced with precision, grace and strength. Every delightful thought and feeling ever experienced comes bursting to life in this dance. Indeed, this dance is the epitome of the beauty of dance.

Raffles Modern Dance

Raffles Modern Dance presents you with Revolution, an energetic and vibrant dance performance. Watch all four styles sweep across the stage, stunning you with the versatility of the dancers. From a emotional contemporary piece, that transforms to sleek and sultry hip-hop pieces, this dance is sure to grab your attention from start to finish.

Republic Polytechnic Hip Hop Dance Group

Republic Polytechnic Hip Hop Dance Group is made up of Republicans who share a common passion for Hip Hop Dance. Be it B-boying (also known as Break-Dancing) or hip hop dance moves, the IG has wowed the school with a wide range of dance moves since 2004. What sets the Hip Hop IG apart from the other dance crews is its primary focus on B-boying. The group hopes to offer opportunities for passionate individuals who put in their best shot for what they believe in. And for them, they believe that "An interest group that dances together, stays together..."

Republic Polytechnic Modern Dance Group

The Republic Polytechnic Modern Dance Group was founded in 2006 by a group of students out of an interest for the contemporary dance art form. The dance squad has been actively participating in all sorts of performances in order to gain experience and exposure. Through the art of contemporary dance, the group is committed to teaching the values of strength, health, commitment, dedication, teamwork and self-discipline. Consisting mainly of first year students under the guidance of the second year seniors, the 40-member group has shown immense dedication and commitment by devoting much of their time to training and preparation for performances. Over the past 3 years, the Republic Polytechnic Modern Dance Group have been invited to perform at various events such as Party Rendezvous 2008 @ Zouk, RP Official Opening 2007, Heritage Festival 2007, ASEAN Night 2006 and in 2007 'Revelations' a full length dance production in collaboration with RP’s Indian Cultural Group, Maya Dance Theatre and Gamelan Asmaradana.

Salsa Fanatico

Salsa Fanatico, in association with Jitterbugs Swingapore, is a dance performance company based in Singapore.

It is made up of an eclectic mix of students, professional dancers and ordinary working professionals who have taken to the rhythms and movements of Salsa and other Street Latin dances with gusto.

Salsa Fanatico has performed at many prestigious events in Singapore and overseas, including the 4th (2002) and 7th (2005) Annual West Coast Salsa Congresses in Los Angeles, USA. Salsa Fanatico provides dance classes and workshops, choreography, performances in Salsa and other Latin dances.