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DANZA! 2009

DANZA! 2009 is a self-initiated community involvement project that aims to raise funds and awareness for the Yellow Ribbon Fund in Singapore. DANZA! is a dance showcase where youth from all over Singapore have come together to use their remarkable talents to share their passion for dance and support the Yellow Ribbon's cause of re-integrating ex-offenders and their families into society. The concert features stunning performances by Lindy Hop Ensemble, Salsa Fanatico, Methodist Girls' School, Pioneer Junior College, Hwa Chong and many many others!

DANZA! will be held at 7.30 pm on the 1st of September at Republic Polytechnic (directions). The theme of this dance showcase is ‘Metamorphosis’ in relation to the experience of the ex-offenders.

Tickets can be ordered online by emailing danza2009.admin@gmail.com. Do include your name, phone number and quantity required in the email.


28 August, 2009
Fancy a preview of the visual treat on Tuesday night? Pictures from the dance rehearsal last Sunday are up at the gallery! :) Only 4 days to Danza! Invite all your friends!

20 August, 2009
Profile of Raffles Modern Dance is up here :)

19 August, 2009
Profiles of Republic Polytechnic's Modern and Hip Hop Dance Groups are up here :)

19 August, 2009
Profiles of Methodist Girls' School Dance Club and emcee, Singapore Idol contestant Kimberly Chan are up here and here :)

Danza! featured on Hwa Chong portal, HCunite! :D

13 August, 2009
Profiles of Lindy Hop Ensemble and Hwa Chong Chinese Dance are up here :)

11 August, 2009
Profile of Salsa Fanatico is up here :)

9 August, 2009
Profile of the guest band, Fire Away, Samson! is up for your viewing pleasure here.

Take note that the date of DANZA! 2009 has changed slightly to 1st September, 7.30pm, at Republic Polytechnic Auditorium.

4 August, 2009
DANZA! 2009 is no longer a competition, but now a dance showcase! More details about the participating groups coming up soon :D

25 July, 2009
The $10 administrative fee has been removed, so there's no more worry about empty wallets :D Registration is closing soon on 31 July!

On a random note. Happy Birthday to the comm's common alma matter, MGS :D

19 July, 2009
The "about us" page has been updated and a FAQ added. Additional details have also v been added to the competition details page. The gallery has also been revamped.

15 July, 2009
Pictures from MND Family Day and Singapore Arts Street Opening have been uploaded to the gallery :)

10 July, 2009
Please note that there has been a change in the details for the DANZA! 2009 dance competition. It will now be held on 1st September, 7pm, at Republic Polytechnic Auditorium.

In addition, a gallery has been added, so look out for the pictures of recent events that will be uploaded over the weekend :)

6 July, 2009
Check out the events calendar and learn how you can volunteer!

5 July, 2009
Registration is now open! More details can be found here.

4 July, 2009
The website is up! :D